Find happiness in the little things; it’s those everyday joys that make us grateful for who we are and enjoy most. Let this stationery collection, inspired by English gardens remind you to slow down and identify what makes you happy. Watch the video below to feel inspired and discover the beauty behind the Garden Collection by Filofax.

Put pen to paper

Make writing down your thoughts, ideas, learnings or goals a daily ritual. Be mindful of how you feel and cherish your sacred me-time by channeling those feelings onto paper - the saying "get it off your chest" really has never been more important. Make this time for you. Even if you simply write down three things you're grateful for each day.

It's the little things…

A relaxing bubble bath, your daily coffee from the local cafe or even making a list of your to-do's for the next day. All these things help us clear our minds and make it easy to be the best version of ourselves. Our beautiful floral designs will add an extra joy to your day and keep you feeling grateful.

Plan and enjoy

Create moments of relaxation and encourage mindfulness with our coordinating accessories, including washi tape, ballpoint pen, stickers, sticky notes, dividers and a zipper pouch, to accompany our Garden Organizers and Refillable Notebooks.

Add a beautiful floral background to your phone with our downloadable wallpapers:

Garden in Dusk Wallpaper
Garden in Sunrise Wallpaper
Garden in Pink Wallpaper
Garden in Light Blue Wallpaper

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