With students returning to school after a much longer summer than anticipated, having the right stationery for your first day back is more important than ever. We have a few simple suggestions of how our best-selling Notebooks and Clipbooks will make you top of the class.

It sounds simple; but make studying fun. Colorful styles can help engage younger students and encourage learning, while customizing your cover will ensure it never gets lost in the classroom. The great thing about these styles is that you can fully customize the inside too. Use the undated spreads that come in a Clipbook for a timetable template or add a useful accessory like a calculator so you’re always prepared.

Both our Notebooks and Clipbooks offer a flexible filing system. This means that regardless of where you write your class notes, you can easily remove the page and reorganize it into the correct section. Try using our handy dividers to create an area for each subject, you could even devise your own learning system by adding a coordinating washi tape for quick reference.

Make sure you have the correct tools to hand. With a vast range of refills available, we have a page design for every subject. From ruled pages for writing notes to squared pages for graphs in math class. There are plain sheets for drawing diagrams or doodles and dotted pages for trackers too. Each notebook refill is printed on fountain pen friendly paper and comes in a classic warm white, as well colorful multi-packs.

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