Sit down in your favourite chair with a cup of coffee and find out how you can maximize your time with this helpful guide using our gorgeous Malden Personal Compact Zip Organizers. These beauties are crafted in luxury, full-grain leather in lovely shades of Black or Pink and now also Ochre & Stone. They make the perfect tool for staying on top of your finances as well as planning your everyday.

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Whether you need a home for your beloved Grandma's pasta sauce recipe or magazine clipping of the yummiest quiche you've ever eaten. Store your memories in style and make way for even more with a recipe planner. Our dividers are a great way to order your dishes so that you can find them with ease, try also labeling them with different amounts of time so that you can pick the 30 minutes or less options during busy weeks.

Malden Zip Collection


Embrace your sense of adventure! Organize a round-the-world trip or a dreamy staycation by creating a travel journal. The removable wristlet makes it easy to bring with you while the secure zip-around closure will make sure that travel tickets and currency is all safe inside. From planning your itinerary to the packing list, capture it all with pages for journaling and beyond. Wherever you go is up to you...

Malden Zip Collection


The thought of exam season, essay deadlines and revision classes are enough to give anyone a headache. By dedicating time to create a study schedule of everything important, you will instantly feel calm and more prepared. You could even print off your timetable for the term and use our hole punch to add it into your planner. If you’re feeling creative, try designing one by hand and color-code it.

Malden Zip Collection


Gain control over your budget with a finance planner, these beauties can be used as a purse alone with the removable ring mechanism, multiple card and coin pockets and built-in RFID blockers to protect credit or debit cards. Personalize your zip organizer even more by using our zip closure envelopes to make a cash envelope system or add a calculator to the rings for extra organization.

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Hybrid working is now a big part of many people's lives, it breaks up the week and eliminates the dreaded commute, allowing extra time in bed! Whether you work from the office, the comfort of your sofa or on a busy train, give your accessories and diary a stylish home with our zip organizers - they provide the luxury of working confidently no matter the environment.